Ṣalāt al-Tarāwīḥ at Ribāṭ | Ramaḍān 1440 – 2019

Inshā’Āllāh we will be praying Ṣalāt al-Tarāwīh in the Ribāṭ this year. Ribāṭ will provide a focused, introspective and growth based spiritual environment this Ramaḍān, nurtured by silence, cultivated by focus and sharpened by attentiveness, and free from the politics, fanfare and worldliness which has entered many sacred spaces.

Those looking for social fulfillment, operatic recitation, family time or to come late or leave early are invited to take advantage of one of the many other wonderful venues for Tarāwīh that Chicago has to offer.

Prayer Timings:

• Ramadan 01 - 10: 9:40PM

• Ramadan 11 - 18: 9:50PM

• Ramadan 19 - 30: 10:00PM *(last 3 days start at 10:05PM)

For the exact beginning and end dates for Ramaḍān please check Chicago Hilal’s website at chicagohilal.org

Following the Tarāwīḥ prayers and Witr, the Ramaḍān Late Night Majlis will be held most nights.

It is a sunnah to come with your wuḍū from home. There will be extremely limited wuḍū facility available.

Due to lack of space, accommodating sisters will be difficult, and wuḍū will be even more so. However, sisters, should they wish to come, will not be turned away. Please pray Allāh give us the means to afford a facility better suited to accommodate everyone.

Please note that people live upstairs, so loitering in the streets, conversations in the doorways and sidewalks and general loitering will not be looked upon well.

Anyone not observing the strict protocols of silence will be lovingly requested to attend Tarāwīḥ at another nearby venue.

Parking is only available in the public lot by the 7-11 or streetside where marked legal. Cars parked in the back lot will be towed.

318 S Westmore-Meyers Rd. Lombard, IL 60148