Support Ribat!

By Allāh’s faḍl last year we made a very brief and simple proposal to the public to partner with us to bring quality intellectual and spiritual to those members of the public who might not otherwise have access to scholarship.

Alḥamdulillāh, a year later and our humble space is already too small. We purposely do not advertise our programs out of fear of running afoul of our lease terms, fire code or local regulations. Thus the program in which 25 people are in attendance is regularly listened to by over 6oo people online, a large number of whom are local.

Our attendees include mardasah graduates, local Islāmic school teachers, students of knowledge, MSA members and other youth, as well as converts of all ages. Our tarāwīḥ has a space in the back for those who wish to attend the ṣalāt in congregation and make up missed prayers, then attend our Ramaḍān Late Night Majlis.

Our online listeners include scholars, youth, community leaders, people interested in Islām, single mothers, and everything in between. We have had, year to date, over 57,000 listens, 35,000 of which are from the USA, followed by the UK, Canada, and other English speaking and non-English speaking countries around the world.

All of our programs, lectures, dhikr gatherings, online lessons, question/answer services available over over half a dozen online platforms, including direct messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, phone, email and personal meetings, all are provided without charge.

We have held regular Riyaḍ al-Ṣāliḥīn and Mālikī fiqh lessons, as well as a circle for young girls and a tafsīr circle both run by Sayyidah Khadījah. In addition, we have held special programs including the Gems From Sūrat YāSīn, and guest lectures by several other local scholars.

We believe in sustainable operation with an emphasis of service above spending.

Our space is already inadequate. We propose the upgrading from our current space to a larger one with facilities to properly cater to more people, and especially our sisters, who we have never excluded from our programs. In addition, hitherto, we have not paid any stipend or salary to our resident scholar; we wish to budget a part-time stipend in order to allow him to focus on the work which is his passion and for which he studied and trained.

This will make our total budget for the coming year $50,000. If you aggregate online listens and in person attendance from last year and project it onto next year’s budget it comes out to less than $0.86 per lesson listened to. That is one of the lowest institutional overhead costs you will come across. I will leave it to you to decide if what is delivered is worth the 86 cents or not. Obviously, not all that benefit can afford to pay. May Allāh give full measure of reward to those who bear the burden of the young people and converts who are the main beneficiaries of this work; I promise you they are the best investment for the future of the ummah we can make.

May Allāh accept from us all.

Ribat is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID: 81-4942852